Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Burma: could an election ever be fair?

According to Barack Obama the recent elections in Burma were 'anything but fair'
Here are some useful resources for tracing facts about why he said this. They focus on the human rights situation in Burma. later today I will post on other news sources which you may find useful.

The Fund for Peace ranks Burma in 16th place on its 2010 Failed States Index.
Freedom House - Freedom of the Press report 2010 states that the press in Burma is not free
Its Freedom of the World Report also assesses the general state of democracy in Burma as unfree.
As does the Reporters without Frontiers Press Freedom Index 2010
Many leading international human rights organisations have reports covering the state of democracy in Burma. For example see the
International Crisis Group
Human Rights Watch
and Amnesty International
The United Nations has had a special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Burma. Read the reports and comments online
Also useful is the Red Cross which has news and reports on prisoners detained in Burma
Finally a wealth of links on all aspects of Burma can be easily located on the Online Burma/Myanmar library . This is part of the WWW virtual Library and has excellent coverage of blogs and organisations. It also indexes individual key documents. These include items relating to the 2010 elections

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