Saturday, 10 April 2010

Are they Twittering away the election?

Yesterday it was announced that a Labour Candidate was sacked through inappropriate use of Twitter
It seems that social networking sites are increasingly being used in the election.
As this weekend Facebook users (in association with the Electoral Commission) will be asked if they have registered to vote.
The Democracy Uk Facebook website has a vote match feature where you can find out what party to vote for as well as how to register.
Returning to Twitter. The main parties have their own official Twitter sites where you can get updates on campaigns and comment.
Also in on the act are the main news services.
The Radio 4 Programme Today has a good feed with summaries of the latest discussion.
Guardian politics has some good comments

If you are looking for good, articles and links to sites covering social media and the elections some recommenendations are - great links coverign a wide range of topics including twitter
The UK election Twitter agregator from Politics Now - see major sites in one place!
The BBC's Dot.Rory blog from Rory-Cellan Jones is discussing the use of technology during the elections.

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