Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Twitter archives do they show the rising popularity of Nick Clegg?

The Library of Congress Twitter Archive. last week the Library announced that it will be maintaining an archive of Tweets. However, this will not be open on the Internet. Access is likely to be based in the main reading rooms with a 6 month embargo on access. While the Twitter archive will not be posted online, the Library envisions posting selected content around topics or themes.
In the meantime you might like to know that the Google replay service offers the opportunity to search twitter from February 2010. Further details about this is on the official Google Blog To try it out, go to the normal Google screen run your search, then expand the web results click “Show options” on the search results page, then select “Updates.” The first page will show you the familiar latest and greatest short-form updates from a comprehensive set of sources, but now there’s a new chart at the top. In that chart, you can select the year, month or day, or click any point to view the tweets from that specific time period. One possible use at the moment is to look at the increase of tweets relating to Nick Clegg since February!
Of course he is not the only topic in the elections - Last week Prospect magazine ran an article stating that the whole election campaign should be cancelled except on twitter and the Internet and the Labour Party provoked a storm by using Young blogger and twitter fan Ellie Gellard otherwise known as the Stilettoed socialist to help launch its manifesto.
For the latest twitter feeds see a selection of the best (as chosen by the telegraph newspaper ) also useful is the Edelman site which has created a TweetLevel tracking and measuring the influence, trust engagement and popularity of the top 150 politicians, bloggers, candidates and journalists, ranked by their influence, on Twitter during the campaign.

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