Monday, 26 April 2010

How do the parties compare on health policy?

Yesterday The Royal College of Nursing warned that job cuts after the election would have disastrous consequences for the NHS.
But where do the main parties stand on health policy?
An excellent starting point (apart from the main party websites which all contain the official statements of their health policies) is the Kings Fund website. This independent organisation has created a health check feature which compares policies. They also have some webcasts of hustings and debates hosted by the organisation in the run up to the elections. This example is from the 22nd April 2010. Also interesting is a recent pamphlet which examines in detail Labour's management of the NHS 1997 - 2007.
Other examples of evaluation of the NHS management can be found on the Institute for Fiscal Studies website. This focuses upon funding. The LSE Centre for Economic Policy (CEP) has also published a recent pamphlet.
Finally the main health organisations all have websites which contain their manifestos for health and discussion of health issues in the election.
Royal College of Nursing
British Medical Association
Royal College of Midwives
NHS Confederation.

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