Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More and more manifestos!

This week has seen the official launch of a number of manifestos.
The Labour Party manifesto - a fair future for all
The Conservative Party will launch today.
A good site which is linking to the manifestos is Peter Kimber's Political Science resources.
This excellent site also has a separate manifestoes page where you can view the text of many historic ones from 1945 onwards
Other sources of historic manifests and election leaflets include: Campaign! an online exhbition from the National Library of Wales. This has images from 1906 General Election, 1966 General Election, The 1983 General Election and the election for the National Assembly for Wales, 1999.

Aspect - is part of the Glasgow Digital Library which has digital images of candidates leaflets and newsletters for the 1999 and 2003 Scottish parliamentary elections

However, if you are primarily interested in the 2010 elections. Another good site to watch is Straight Choice
Its ambition is to create a live visualization of party political leaflets as they are delivered across the country during the British UK 2010 general election campaign. It is maintained by a team who include the organisers of TheyWorkForYou.com. Users to the site may view visual images of real leaflets. They include materials from all political parties and constituency. Registered members of the public may upload their own scanned images of election ephemera leaflets and manifestos.

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