Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Don't forget - the UK is not the only country going to the polls - remember Sudan

Here are some recommended sites. for finding out more about the elections in Sudan.
A good starting point is the IFES guide
This week the Sudanese are going to the polls.

National Election Commission of Sudan is responsible for overseeing the conduct of Sudanese elections. Its website provides information on the electoral system, full text electoral laws and legislation
The Sudan Information Gateway - is maintained by the United Nations. It has news updates on the voting and background to the elections.
The BBC also has news reports and a useful FAQ on the background to the elections.
Some other organisations monitoring the conduct of the elections include:

The Carter Center - read statesments online.

National Democratic Institute includes a useful papers such as surveys of the electorate

Sudan VoteMonitor was created by the Sudan Institute for Research and Policy to monitor the conduct of the 2010 Sudanese elections. Look at online maps and reports of corruption / conduct irregularities contributed by users

Gurtong Trust - Peace and Media Project is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based project, which seeks to promote democracy and human rights in Southern Sudan. Its website includes press releases relating to the elections.
The Intute catalogue also has some useful links on Sudan and elections.

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