Wednesday, 14 April 2010

LSE launch new election analysis series

The LSE Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) has just started publishing a new
series discussing the economic research evidence for a number of the key policy battlegrounds of the 2010 General Election.
Papers currently available include:
Health: Higher Spending has Improved Quality, But Productivity Must Increase
Zack Cooper, Alistair McGuire
Evaluating Education Policies: The Evidence from Economic Research
Sandra McNally,
Reducing Crime: More Police, More Prisons or More Pay?
Olivier Marie, April 2010
Immigration and the UK Labour Market: The Evidence from Economic Research
Jonathan Wadsworth, April 2010

This is a useful supplement to the IFS website which is also offering its own economic analyses of Labour economic and tax performance
and the Kings Fund which has reviewed Labour progress in managing the NHS

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