Thursday, 15 April 2010

The first televised leaders debate is today

This evening ITV will host the first ever televised debate of British party leaders during an election campaign.
For some background on the decision to hold this histroic event. There are a number of useful resources online.
The House of Commons Library published a research note in March 2010 which summarises recent arguments. The appendix B sets out the rules for the debate.

The Hansard Society has published a number of papers examining why debates were vetoes in the past and setting out proposals

Also available on the BBC iplayer until 19th April is a documentary called How to win the TV debate which examines the possible strategies the leaders might use.

Of course all the major news websites and politics commentators will be reviewing the performance of those involved. However an interesting blog which offers expert analysis from debating experts is Election debates

There is also an interesting YouTube/ Facebook site the Digital Debates where members of the public are being invited to participate in a digital debate with the 3 leaders. Questions are being submitted and just before the elections answers will be posted. It gives some insight into what Internet users think is important.

Finally for some background on the history and importance of debates in US political history there is the MBC History of televised debates website. This has a selection of transcripts, video clips and associated essays and teacher's notes from the 1950s until the present day.

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