Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Even more manifestos - Comparing conservative with Labour

Yesterday also saw the launch of the Conservative Party Manifesto
The Guardian Datablog has a really interesting feature which compares the Tory manifesto with Labour using Wordle
It highlights the words used the most - notice the emphasis upon peoople and government.Interestingly enough in the comparison of word count with Labour. Labour uses the word 'new' more times.
See what party supporters think of it by looking at the Conservative Home blog which aggregates key blogs and Twitter feeds. The site also has a useful Candidate watch section which highlights events and the response of the public in specific constituencies.
For a different perspective try these Labour Party supporter websites. LabourHome
and LabourList both aggregate blogs and Twitter. Also launched this week. The same old Tories website from Compass. See how it seeks to expose the 'gaffes' in Cameron's video.

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