Tuesday, 27 April 2010

More on Hung Parliaments

Returning to the earlier theme of a Hung parliament
This week there has been more concern about what it might bring.
The British Chamber of Commerce released a survey stating business leaders fears
The Conservative party issued a briefing on the dangers of a hung parliament
Labour supporters on LabourList were also discussing 'hung parliaments'
Try looking at the earlier posting for some suggestions of starting points.In particular the BBC has a clear explanation
In addition, this week
Democratic Audit have just launched an election briefing on coming to terms with hung parliament in British politics
The Institute for Government also has a special feature
It includes the pamphlet - Making minority government work published by the UCL Constitution Unit and the Institute for Government which considers historic minority governments in the 1970s and expereinces from other countries such as Canada and New Zealand.
If you are interested in the experiences of other nations, you might like to look at the CBC archives which has historic film clips from Canada relating to minority government

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